Breed All About It: The Boxer

A Brief History
Boxers are a widely-known and well-loved breed within America, but did you know where they originated from?
They derive from two family lines that actually no longer exist: the Danziger Bullenbeiser and the Brabenter Bullenbeiser. Bullenbeiser means “bull-biter”, and these breeds were used to hunt large game, including wild boar, deer, and even small bears!

By 1895, the lines had intermingled and the Boxer had become a breed of its own. Although we aren’t entirely certain where the name “Boxer” came from, it may have been derived from the German Boxl, as was used for the dogs that guarded local cattle yards.

The Boxer was one of the first breeds to be employed as a police or military dog in Germany, and by 1900, they were established as everything from utility dogs and family pets to even appearing as show dogs!


Boxers are playful, inquisitive, loving, and outgoing. They are wonderful companion dogs, and do best with an active family. They can be stubborn, however, so early training is a recommended. To avoid any aggressive tendencies, socialization with strangers and other dogs is a must.

Exercise and Grooming

Boxers need daily mental and physical exertion, as they can become bored easily. While they like to run, they can adapt to jogs on a leash with their owners. However, avoid hot weather, as the breed does not do well in extreme heat.

Where grooming is concerned, a weekly brushing and occasional bath is all that should be needed to keep them looking their best.


With any breed there are health concerns, and the boxer is no different. Cardiomyopathy and hip dysplasia are the major concerns, but owners should also be aware of thyroid conditions and various cancers.

Overall, the boxer is a healthy, energetic breed best suited for an active lifestyle. They do best in houses with yards, rather than apartment life. While generally good in a family setting, they have the potential to knock over younger children during play. As well, children should be taught respect for both pets and their personal space.

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