Prevent Holiday CATaclysms

Every year, animal emergency rooms see an increasing number of holiday-related accidents. Keep an eye on your furry friends with these tips:

Lilies are Lethal
While poinsettia may cause stomach irritation, cats are easily attracted to the smell, taste, and texture of lilies, and the plants (even down to the pollen) are poisonous.

Careful with Candles
Burning candles are a common sight during the holidays, but no one wants to smell singed fur! It’s easy for kitties to jump onto furniture, and many cats enjoy laying near warm areas. Happy dog tails can also knock over just about anything, including those freshly-lit jars! Don’t let your pets get too close, and keep jarred candles high enough that pets can’t reach.

Keep your pets away from the holiday meals. Fatty trimmings can cause pancreatitis, onions are toxic to animals, and any treat out of the ordinary has the potential to cause digestive troubles.

Protect Those Presents
Ribbon and wrapping looks stunning under the tree, but can quickly become the spoils of playtime for a naughty pet. Paper and ribbon cannot be digested, and if eaten, may cause obstruction in the intestines.

Trim That Tree
Much like ribbon and wrapping paper, tree decorations can look too much like toys to our pets. Look for ornaments that are hard to break, and deter your pets from playing near the tree.

As always, be safe, enjoy the holiday season, and we’ll see you next year!

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