Springtime Safety Tips

Springtime came into Oklahoma in the blink of an eye this year, so get out there with your pets! Here are some tips on how to stay safe when outdoors.

1. Plan Outings in Advance.
Check ahead of any doggie playdates and make sure your pet is up to date on vaccines with your local veterinarian. Make sure you’ve got your pet on heartworm prevention and a good flea and tick preventative!

2. Prepare and Pack
Double-check your collars, leashes, and tags for any wear and tear, and keep a handy supply of pick-up bags for impromptu bathroom breaks your pet may have while out and about. If you’re planning to stay out more than an hour, bring a water bottle and bowl for your pets to stay hydrated.

3. Dally at a Dog Park
Generally a safe place for pets to play, dog parks are enclosed spaces that allow your pet to run off leash. Always be up to date on vaccinations before attending, and never let a timid or aggressive pet off leash.

4. Outdoor Events are a Man’s Best Friend
There are tons of dog-friendly places in OKC! Many restaurants allow pets in their patio sections, and some offer free treats just for doggie dates. In particular, the Paseo District is very fur-friendly, and most of the venues there have accommodations for our friends on a leash.

5. Backyard Fun
Backyards are great places to set up kiddie pools for smaller breeds to get in some dog paddling. Sprinklers are fun, too, but keep an eye on your pet to avoid any chewing on the hose or system itself.

6. Always Check Your Pet
Our pets are notorious for not telling us when something’s wrong. After coming inside from fun in the sun, run your hands over your pet to insure they haven’t been bitten, stung, or acquired any new scrapes. Baths and brushing can also help inform you of fleas and ticks that might have hopped along for a ride back home.

As always, know your pet and their thresholds for the approaching heat, and ask your veterinarian if you have any questions or concerns with taking your pet outdoors.

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